'Best top wedding photographers in NYC ' - Photographer USA Magazine

Esha and Raj
Jack and Marcela
Ramina and Derek

Photography should be powerful, heart-tugging emotional, something that transcend time and cultures. My aim is to make the viewer feel like they were really there! Documenting your story in an honest yet artistic way possible is most important to me. The end product is a beautiful heirloom album that tells your story, and is so perfectly and uniquely you! When your children look at your heirloom wedding photos they should be able to feel the vibe, the emotions, the beats on the dance floor. Having been married for 8 years now and two kids later, I look back at my own wedding photos as a reminder of our unique story and personality.  Although now we have grown to be parents and our story has changed, our photos remind us of why we came to be together, our connection with our family and how they shape our lives. Each person's story is different and inspiring to me.


I want to blow you away with your unique story and remind generations of your family of who you once were. For this we aim to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience on your wedding day, so we can really capture who you.


Priyanca Rao was named 'Best top photographers in NYC' by Photographer USA Magazine. Her ability to composite photos using beautiful light and magical moments is what won her many awards as a photojournalist. Priyanca is one of the Top Wedding Photographer in New York City (NYC) on the Fearless Photographers list as well as a Wed Award and Weddison Award winner. 

Priyanca is also an educator and offers photography mentoring lessons to professional photographers. Priyanca is an open book when it comes to teaching and helping fellow photographers find their unique style. You can find more about her education programs in the mentoring section of this website. 

What is different about working with our studio is no one cares more than us about giving you unique wedding photos in real moments. Wedding photography is not just a job but a passion, we are proud to serve in our local New York City area and beyond. 

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