Photography should be powerful, heart-tugging emotional, something that transcend time and cultures. My aim is to make the viewer feel like they were really there! Documenting your story in an honest yet artistic way possible is most important to me. The end product is a beautiful heirloom album that tells your story, and is so perfectly and uniquely you! When your children look at your heirloom wedding photos they should be able to feel the vibe, the emotions, the beats on the dance floor. I am always asking myself these questions as I am taking photos: What is special about my couple? What is important to them? What will they treasure most from these events and one day pass down to future generations. 

As creative documentary style photographer, capturing emotions in a photojournalistic way is my strength. I focus on not just the big moments, but the tiniest  moments that are usually dismissed. The way you apply mascara and open your mouth at the same time, your bother helping button your shirt and totally messing it up! The imperfections are as important, and some day will show you are human and on life's journey with your biggest supporters by your side! Your photos should show how it felt to be there, not just what it looked like. For this we really get to know our you personally and understand your story. I want to talk to you on the phone even before the booking process. I will meet you in person before your wedding, drink wine and have a heart to heart, so we can form a strong connection. I want you to be yourself on your wedding day, so I can create your beautiful wedding album that has your story!