Hi! I am Priyanca Rao, a NYC based photographer practicing street photography and documenting stories. I also love to document multicultural wedding celebrations in a raw and honest manner. My enthusiasm for photography was rejuvenated in 2019, after investing in photography education on myself. My mind was more open and it helped me rediscover myself through photography. Since then I have found a burning desire to teach others and help photographers live more meaningfully through photography. Ask yourself: How do you see uniquely? Is your photography meaningful?  Are you shooting with your heart? I would love to chat with you more about YOU and how I can help your unique way of seeing. 

Here is a video of my Fearless Photographers talk with Huy Nguyen from Fearless Photographers. 


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The Marathon: 12 month mentoring program:

Includes 12 classes, scheduled over 12 months


In this 12 month online mentoring program, we will set the goals for the next year based on what you would like to achieve at the end.  Priyanca will find areas where your photography needs improvement and give you assignments to work on. Each assignment will be reviewed with critique until we can reach a level where these skills become part of your photography. She will help you bring your own style and individuality into your work. You will talk about your business and make changes that will help see growth as well as build stronger relationships with clients. We will also talk about anything else that is slowing you down as a photographer and take steps to fix these problems. This class can be paid in 4 installments. 

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5 K: 5 month mentoring program:  

Includes 5 classes, scheduled 1 classes per month


Over 5 month Priyanca and you will connect online with each other and try to find the area where you can improve your photography. She will find area where you need help most and start there to make changes in your photography. Each class will have assignments and instructions for improving a specific skill set. Each assignment will be reviewed with critiques and you will receive feedback on your work. The goal is to provide you with resources to build confidence in your own work, and to be able to produce high quality work on your own towards the end of your mentoring classes. Priyanca will help you bring your own style and individuality into your work. You will also discuss about your business and make changes that will help see growth in business and build stronger connections. This class can be paid in 2 installments.

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1 step forward: 1 class critiquing for 1.5 hour

During this 1.5 hours online class, you can decide what aspect of photography you need help with.  Priyanca will review your work and provide critique and suggest exercises to improve where you need help.   

All payments can be made to Priyanca's PayPal or Venmo @priyancarao

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