Sasha and Kefie

Brooklyn bridge in all its glory with Sasha and Kefie was a blast! I always learn from every couple I meet. From these two I learned about caring for your partner. Kefei had a whole breakfast spread ready for Sasha for their early morning shoot. Neatly arranged in boxes: protein, vitamins and dessert! He kept taking breaks to make sure she was well fed and in a great mood for their epic session. This picture is an ode to their love!

Irene and Chien

When you meet your dream couple it doesn't take long for magic to play into your photos. Irene and Chien were so amazing! Their love for each other and creative photography was flowing from start to end. So much fun in the NY Public Library shoot. We walked over the Grand Central after for some slow shutter fun! Nothing makes me happier than a fulfilling morning with two awesome people!

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