Jack and Marcela

Jack and Marcela are some of the most honest people I have met. Full of Hope not only for themselves, for their family and the whole world. Their hearts are HUGE! When I met Marcela at their consultation, I asked her what she wanted the photos to say. She said I want them to show the 'celebration of life' and 'loving myself'. I asked Jack what was important to him and he said seeing Marcela for the first time and the ceremony. I think these photos capture all of these things and the amazing party that followed.

Becky and Rob

Becky and Rob's wedding is so so special to me, especially because they have become close friends. I truly understand what is important to them. Their families: Rob was home schooled and the oldest of six siblings. They are so close knit and their bond was so evident throughout the day. His father, a pastor and amazing human delivered a speech at the ceremony and talked about the power of faith. The ceremony gave me goose bumps start to end. This was hands down one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever had the honor of photographing. If faith could be felt and photographed this is the closest I can get! The hands, closed eyes, singing and the sermon brought tears to everyone’s eyes. B

Kavita and Neel

Kavi and Neel came all their way from LA to capture their engagement photos in NYC. Neel's goofiness was just the right compliment to Kavi's energy and vibe! Between laughing and cracking up, I managed to get some of these epic shots of them just being themselves! Kavi is the founder and creative head of Karmagraphy based in LA. You have to go check out the amazing choreography she does. Cannot wait for their wedding shenanigans later this year!

Krishna and Natansh

Krishna and Natansh's intimate home wedding in Alpine NJ was one of my highlights from last year. Krishna and Natansh were so excited for us to capture authentic moments from their wedding day and break away from the clichés of South Asian weddings. The fact that they decided to get married at the parents home in Alpine NJ was their commitment to keeping it real and meaningful. Their wedding was rich with emotions, love and feeling. Thank you Maharani wedding for sharing some of that photojournalism along with the decor and details with our South Asian community. Weddings are about moments like these! Therese thank you executing your beautiful vision during these epic home celebrations. Urva

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