Winter photoshoot

I don't usually blog about personal pictures. This morning was different though. We woke up to a blanket of snow…the kids and I got dressed and rushed out to make a snow man but there wasn't enough snow for any sculpture making. So I let Micah eat some snow instead. He pointed at all the things that looked different in the snow and I took a picture for him.

Desiree and Amit, Wythe Hotel Williamsburg Wedding

Desi and Amit's wedding is the reason why I love shooting weddings! I first met Amit and his lovely fiancé Desiree a year ago at our Manhattan studio. When they left the consultation, they filled me with something. I cannot exactly describe what I felt but I wanted to shoot their wedding so bad. The story of how they met, the impact they had on each other’s lives and how they fulfilled each others brought tears to my eyes. When I asked them to describe something about each other Desiree would squeeze Amit's hand! After they shared their stores they laughed together contagiously! Which brings us to their wedding...I knew their wedding day was going to be special, and SPECIAL it was. Every mom

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