Susan and Shaun

Susan and Shaun live in the Meatpacking district and wanted to document their life in their favorite hood. We started taking photos at their local park and explored Meatpacking with its colorful vibes. Shaun has been going to the amazing seafood place Aquagrill for the past 15 years and this restaurant plays an important role in their lives. We ended the shoot on a high note with Oysters at their favorite restaurant. Such a great time with these two! Congratulations guys!

Kathy and Jay, Chinese Tea Ceremony Asian wedding

Kathy and Jay are had an incredible wedding at Cipriani, planned impeccably by the awesome Tracy Taylor Ward and photographed by none other than the talented Susan Stripling. It was fairytale affair, modern and very NYC. When Kathy asked me to photograph her traditional tea ceremony the day before the wedding, an intimate affair only for her near and dear, I jumped at the chance. The contrast and intimacy from the actual wedding was appealing and I could not wait to capture the great moments in this setting. The tea ceremony is a 1200 year tradition where the bride and groom show respect to the elders in the family by offering tea and taking their blessings. Close family give presents and s

Tao and Ken- Central Park Elopement

This is technically part 2 of Tao and Ken because they are way too awesome to have just part 1! These two are not only into each other but also really into photography. They climbed rocky mountains, descended muddy trails and really gave into the ultimate Central Park adventure. The whole team spirit and enthusiasm was so great at this shoot that we were at our creative peak and produced one great picture after another. Tao had her stylist Ta Ming Chen's awesome skills at the shoot and she made sure that this NYC bride looked her best. Thanks for all your great help and input Ta! XO

TJ and Naveen

Every now and then I come across a couple who are so into each other that they make taking photos look super easy . Naveen and TJ are such a couple. On their first date they explored Central Park together and continued to go running in the park as their relationship grew into some that made them inseparable. I love how Naveen can makes her laugh. The entire time shooting these two I was smiling from behind the camera. TJ's great sense of style and Naveen's upbeat personality really shine in all these beautiful engagement pictures making them truly unique.

Antique store engagement shoot

When Ken and Tao told me about their antique store obsession, I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot. I used to live right next door to Good Olde Things on Madison Avenue. Every time I walked through the store, not only did I have an urge to decorate my apartment with their beautiful furniture, but also to shoot a session in there. Our common love for antiquing made me instantly pick this beautiful store for their engagement photos. Thanks GOT for letting us shoot in here. Congratulations Tao and Ken! XO

Kulina Famiy

Georgia and Bobby are so good together, but with the new addition to their family this year...its been a super special year for these two. Baby Miles is such a cutie! His adorable red lipped pout, his curious nature and cheeky smile made this photo session so much fun, as we walked through the Central Park Conservatory Gardens. Congratulations guys and Happy Holidays! XO

Baby Asher

I have been photographing the Samuel family ever since I started my photography career. Their lives are kind of intertwined with ours. Each miles stone for them is a big one for the business, since we have both grown together. So when Jay asked me to photograph baby Asher it was such an honor. His cute little face and his beautiful sister are such a joy to be around. I love how Aislinn held him and tickled his little toes. As humans we learn to love a little bit more when there is a newborn in the family, I can totally see how happy he makes them. Congratulations guys- Jay, Stan, Aissy and Loki! Welcome baby Asher. XOXO

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