Fairen and Kyle

Fairen and Kyle have been together for 10 years! The first time Fairen met Kyle she has just taken her MCAT test and was in a grumpy mood. I guess if Kyle could put up with that then the rest was just a walk in the park. Their adventures together continued as they both moved to the city to pursue their respective careers. They spend many hours exploring Central Park with their dog, so this was the perfect background to their shoot. Congratulations guys! XO

Virginia and Kyle

Such an great day shooting with Virginia and Kyle in Grand Central Station. The buzz of commuters set against the beautiful architecture was the perfect backdrop for this couple who are always on the move. When I say Kyle and Virginia have amazing great connection, I am talking about the kind that makes each other smile ear to ear, reach their eyes and roll over laughing. This soon got super contagious and had me joining them laughing and doing the silliest things. This shoot turned out so special and fun! Cannot wait for the wedding! Congratulations guys! XO

Erica and Ryan

Erica and Ryan take their fall foliage very seriously, especially since they hail from beautiful Connecticut. Their love for interesting architecture and the great outdoors brought them to Fort Tryon for their engagement photos. The beautiful architecture of the Cloisters and the arches of the park surrounded by deep saturated foliage was the perfect setting to document their love for each other. Cannot wait to photograph their wedding next year...Congratulations guys! xo

Robin and Renee

I first met Robin last year in Canada when we both at the Two Mann workshop. Robin and I ended up sharing a car rental and on our long drive from Calgary to Canmore I got to hear stories of her beautiful family and her passion for photography. She is one hellava photographer and wife to beautiful Renee. Together they have four beautiful children- aka- R2A4! Over the course of the five day workshop, I felt like I knew each member of her family though her stories. In the past, every time R2 visited NYC it poured and stormed and bad luck hit them big time. So, when Robin told me she was visiting NYC with Renee and wanted a portrait session, I sent a special prayer for clear skies and great wea

Jose and Claire

Claire and Jose were meant to be with each other. It was as if the cosmos decided their fate because they come from opposite corners of the wold- China and Guatemala! They both met at the University of Minnesota while getting their PhDs in economics. Their love for travel, animation movies and current economic problems brought them together. Congratulations guys and what a great day shooting with you both! XO

Priya and Parth

Priya and Parth picked their local neighborhood in East Village for their engagement photos. Their beautiful proposal story that took place at the secret garden next door to where Parth lives, was such a great starting point to document their story. Parth has his own keys to this quaint and peaceful little spot surrounded by the concrete jungle that is Manhattan. He chose to make it a permanent part of their story by asking the love of his live to marry him right there. Naturally shooting here and incorporating some of the charming character of this garden was a top priority. I have never had so much fun exploring a neighborhood like I did with these two. We stopped to catch some skateboardi

Prerna and Pranav

The first time I met Prerna and Pranav for their wedding consultation the three of us hit it off right away. I felt like I was hanging out with old friends. Hearing stories about their whirlpool romance at Rutgers, and how it developed into something so strong and beautiful made me so excited to document their love. Here are my favorites from their amazing engagement shoot at Central Park. I cannot wait for their wedding at The Marigold next July. Going by the engagement shoot and their awesome connection, it s going to be simply epic!

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