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Top 50 locations in NYC  for photos!

We are so honored to photograph meaningful weddings all over New York City

Here are some of our favorites in no particular order.

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50 Best Wedding Locations In NYC To Get Married

New York City has so many great places to offer for your wedding and portrait photo session in this fun city. Since everyone has different requirements, be it romantic walks, skyline views, urban farm house or loft style we have a place covered for you in our long list! The best place for you is somewhere that tells your story. Choose a place that both of you love and is true to your personality. 

New York City wedding locations are so varying not only in aesthetic but also in cost. To get a better idea look in our blog section as venues that you connect with. As your NYC photographer we recommend our favorites in the list below. 

Do you like Skyline Views or Nature? 
For NYC locations with skyline views the best places are rooftops and piers along Manhattan and Brooklyn. But that will also depend on the size of your wedding. If you like a more greener scenic location the gardens and conservatories are more suitable for your New york City wedding location and wedding photography. 
 Indoor NYC wedding Venue vs Outdoor Location. 
To plan an indoor or outdoor wedding location in New York City, you need to know what time of the year your wedding will take place at. The rain is more heavier in the spring months. Most outdoor locations will have provisions for rain, it is best to check with your venue. 
Intimate family ceremony or a grand wedding NYC wedding? 

We shoot intimate elopements as well as 1000 people grand soiree's in New York City! There is a location for every palette and taste. Some of the most iconic historic locations like the Plaza Hotel, Chelsea Pier and Cipriani Wall Street can hold larger wedding parties. The more intimate weddings are in Central Park, Dumbo, lost style hotels in Brooklyn and City Hall. Look at our blog section for more venue options and New York City wedding photography. 

Where to take NYC engagement photos?
The best places to take NYC engagement photos for your photo session are the places that remind you both of who you are and what is important to you. Luckily there are many options for many personality types. The locals love Central Park, Dumbo and their own neighborhoods! Places you went on your first new memorable dates are also great places to start! Another great idea is to pick a neighborhood you first lived in or visited a lot like Meatpacking, Highline or favorite restaurants. If you are not from New York City but scheduling an engagement shoot or elopement shoot here in NYC think about the vibe. Is it colorful like Times Square, Central Park or Madison Square Park or Historic like the New York Public Library, Bryant Park, Wall Street and Empire State Building. We also recommend picking locations that are close to each other so your travel time is lesser and photoshoot is longer! The Top two locations for engagement shoots and couple portraits in NYC are Central park and Dumbo, but don't let that fool you. Pick the right location for your personalities. 


The Top 50 New York City Wedding Venue Locations

Now that you’ve considered all of these factors, here are our top 50 NYC wedding photo locations:

1.620 Loft and Garden

620 Loft and Garden is a classic wedding locations in the city. Located on top of Rockefeller Center, this garden getaway is stunning with great city scapes. The rooftop garden that can be used for the ceremony or reception and exceptional New York City views. 

This location is right at the center of all the NYC action and has great portrait locations all around. 

2. Rainbow Room

If you are a true New Yorker and love a nice rooftop this is your spot!   This is also located in Rockefeller Center and radiates glamor and elegance. This is an iconic location and has sweeping NYC views. 

3. Top of the Rock

One of our favorite places to shoot elopements and engagement shoots is Top of the rock at Rockefeller center. Top of the Rock boasts 360-degree views of all of New York City. 

4. Central Park

Central Park is a classic New York City wedding location. My first few years as a wedding photographer I was here almost every other day! Some of my favorite spots in Central Park are the Bethesda terrace, The mall, horse carriage ride, Cop Cot, Loab Boathouse, boating in Central Park, Bow bridge, Bandshell and lower central park area. 

5. The Pierre Hotel

Some of the most iconic weddings have taken place at the prestigious Pierre Hotel. The suites, the ballroom and the over all service is impeccable. The photos from this wedding are everyone's envy! 

6. The Loeb Boathouse

Located in Central Park for a wedding is the Loeb Boathouse is right by the lake surrounded by boats and rocks. It is very famous and featured in many movies that are based in NYC. 

7. The Edge – Hudson Yards

 The Edge at Hudson Yards has a great big balcony with a transparent bottom. It has an outdoor bar and is also a great location for proposals. 

8. The Foundry in Long Island City

This classic location has beautiful vine covered walls and indoor courtyard. The NYC skyline is the perfect background for any wedding here. This location is popular amongst modern couples who have a more contemporary style. 

9. The Current at Chelsea Piers

This beautiful venue is located in NYC's Hudson River side and has a 

10. Andaz 5th avenue HOTEL

One of my favorite hotels that has beautiful conceptual rooms and a stunning rooftop for portraits. There are so many creative options for wedding photos here the possibilities are endless. This location is also great for shuttling on your wedding day in a busy city. 


11. Empire State Building

The Empire State building is probably the most iconic of all the buildings in NYC that has beautiful views and history. If you decide to get married here use a fast tract ticket to get up, the waits are long. Pick a time of the way when the light is optimal for photos. 

12. Dumbo

DUMBO stands for Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass! It is a very trendy urban area that is great for elopements and couple portraits. Proposals are really popular in this area too. The best time to take photos here is at sunset during golden hour. The ferry ride to and from Manhattan to Dumbo can also be a great photo opportunity. The cobbled stones streets here are stunning, St. Ann's wearehouse, the Ice Cream Factory and Manhattan Bridge Underpass are some of the best locations here. One of my personal favorite is a secret beach that is by Dumbo and has stunning City views! 

13. Brooklyn Bridge

This is probably the number one or two spot for photos in New York City. The Brooklyn Bridge has such beautiful history and if you don't know it there is a great documentary on youtube! The best time for photos here is at Sunrise and don't be lazy. We work hard for great photos that are unique and out of the world. Lets do that together!!! 

14. One World Observatory

Another great skyline spot for wedding photos is the One World Observatory. This location is the highest point in NYC, so the views are extra special. Sunset wedding photos here are truly jaw-dropping. The One World Observatory is so romantic and beautiful!

15. Metropolitan Museum of Art- MET

The MET is one of the best locations for engagement and wedding photos. It is easy to club this location with Central park, why do one when you can do two? The Egyptian room, the Italian room and the rooftop are best locations for photos. 

16. The Highline

Another beautiful spot to take wedding photos in New York is the High Line! The High Line is in Chelsea and is an elevated park that stretches about 1.5 miles long. It is a great spot for wedding photos as it captures beautiful green gardens and city views. 

It was once a freight line but now features stunning plants, art, flowers, and gorgeous views of Chelsea. This location is great for wedding photos, especially around sunrise!

17. The Box Hotel Brooklyn 

You can catch gorgeous cherry blossoms during the spring and tons of colorful leaves in the fall. With the water right behind it, there are a lot of beautiful wedding photo opportunities to choose from.

18. Gramercy Park Hotel

One of our favorite areas to take wedding photos in is Gramercy Park. This location has a bit of everything. Brownstones, a beautiful park, New York City streets, and lots of flowers- it’s just stunning. 

Gramercy Park used to be limited to those who lived in the area, but if you stay at the Gramercy Park Hotel, you can get access to the park during your stay. It’s exclusive, but if you can manage a stay, the scenery is well worth it for your wedding photos.

19. The Plaza Hotel

Long Island City is what I consider to be a bit of a hidden gem here in New York. Nestled between Brooklyn and Queens, Long Island City offers the same beautiful skyline views of Manhattan without the tourists. 

This area has many great restaurants and scenery, making it a great spot to get wedding photos taken. Some of my favorite wedding venues, including The Foundry, are also here!

20. Brooklyn Museum

For the art and culture buffs, I highly recommend the Brooklyn Museum. This is a great alternative to the MET museum if your wedding is located in Brooklyn, but you still want some portraits with stunning architecture. The museum’s facade is spectacular and feels very regal for your wedding photos. It’s also right by the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, another amazing spot!

21. Cipriani Wall Street, Broadway and 42nd street 

The Cipriani is a class venue for New Yorkers to get married. The high ceilings and stone walls are full of NYC stories and a gorgeous backdrop to your wedding photos. Picture a band playing in this great hall and you dancing away the night with your loved ones! The Cipriani on Broadway has a stunning light and music show call Sound Factory and is a great way to have something different at your event. 


22. Central park Conservatory Gardens

The Conservatory Gardens are such a hidden gem in New York. They are located right off 5th Ave on the Upper East Side of New York in Central Park. This spot feels like you are being transported to a scene from Bridgerton and is just so romantic and beautiful. 

This is a great spot to get wedding photography done since it has less traffic than other parts of Central Park, but it is so stunning. You also are able to rent out the gardens for wedding ceremonies of up to 100 guests.

23. Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

One of the most beautiful gardens in the whole city is the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. This wedding venue is so stunning and has a few different options for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. 

Whether you choose the sun-drenched Palm House or the elegant Atrium, you will find the romantic wedding backdrop of your dreams. Both rentals come with access to the gardens for some romantic wedding photography.

24. New York Botanical Gardens

Up in the Bronx, the New York Botanical Gardens are an escape from the hustle of the city. This beautiful garden has several areas to host your wedding ceremony and reception and is home to hundreds of plants and flowers. 

Whether you choose the Garden Terrace Room for a more traditional feel or venture to the Conservatory for a true greenhouse vibe, you can’t go wrong. You’re guaranteed some stunning wedding photos no matter which location you choose.

25. Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is one of the most iconic spots in New York City for photos. Whether you want to get photos by the fountain, the arch, or just cuddled up on a bench enjoying the scenery, there are many great wedding photography opportunities. 

As with other tourist-filled areas on this list, you’re more likely to get some privacy if we head over early in the morning or on a weekday.

26. Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum is a wonderful spot for wedding photos if you want a more modern art feel. The exterior architecture and the inside galleries are super modern and unique, giving off a more editorial look for wedding photography. The Guggenheim happens to be steps away from Central Park, which makes it a great location if you want a bit of both!

27. Museum of Natural History

Another great museum spot in the city is the American Museum of Natural History. This museum is located on the west side of Central Park and has a beautiful facade for wedding photos. 

For a truly unique wedding reception, you can even rent out different wings of the museum. You can celebrate your wedding surrounded by the oceans, dinosaurs, the stars, or even the African mammals! Definitely a one-of-a-kind experience for your wedding day.

28. Wythe Hotel Brooklyn

Based in Williamsburg this urban hotel is one of our favorite wedding venues with a stunning rooftop and lobby. The rooms are so conceptual with beautiful light. There is a rainbow pedestrian crossing outside this hotel that makes for great Love is Love photos! 

29. American Museum of Natural History

Imagine getting married under a giant whale hanging right in the center of the highest ceiling you can imagine! This NYC venue is meant to bowl everyone over with extra extra. This is a great location for nature and history buffs that still love a classical feel. 

30. Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon is one of my favorite places for New York photoshoots especially in the fall. The foliage colors here are by far the best with stunning architecture and romantic walk vibes. 

31. Flatiron

The Flatiron district in New York City is such a fun spot to take wedding photos. The Park next door and the vibe on this street here is very New York. This area also has delicious Eately ice cream and the cutest dogs in NYC! 

32. Madison Square Park

Just moments away from the Flatiron building, you’ll find the beautiful Madison Square Park. Unlike some prominent parks in NYC, Madison Square Park is a bit smaller but has stunning tulips and other flowers blooming throughout the year. 

This romantic spot is a great wedding photo location, and if you need to grab a quick bite on the way to the chapel, you can stop by the very first Shake Shack location for a burger. The perfect wedding day treat!

33. Lincoln Center

This location is wonderful for street photography and the artsy types. Central Park is right next door and it has a great energy about it. The fountains and the architecture here make for stunning photos. 

34. Gotham Hall

This beautiful venue has high ceilings and tall pillar facade like many of the old buildings in NYC. It makes for stunning photos inside and outside. 


35. St Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral is a Catholic cathedral in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood of New York City. It is the seat of the Archbishop of New York as well as a parish church. Is has beautiful gothic architecture as well prime in location on 5th avenue with all its colorful shoppers. 

36. Grand Central Terminal

One of my favorite places to visit not only as a photographer but also as a New Yorker, this location is full of history, beautiful ceiling that is hand painted, gigantic pillars and sparking chandeliers. 


37. Bryant Park

Bryant park of movie fame is right in the center of Midtown Manhattan next to the New York Public Library. There are beautiful garden areas, food options and a vintage carousel. The lawn area has stunning skyline views as well as a historic backdrop to the New York Public Library. 

38. Museum of the Moving Image

This is a great location if you like a modern vibe and love to have fun on your wedding day. The photo booth is a stop motion booth on the second floor. You can get marred in the main auditorium with a stunning video backdrop. The outdoor cocktail area is so urban and beautiful. The reception hall and stairs give birth to beautiful photos. The whole museum has endless photos ops and can give artistic photos. 

39. Tribeca Rooftop

In our humble opinion, Tribeca Rooftop is one of the best wedding venues in the city. The rooftop is perfect for a skyline wedding ceremony, while the modern industrial interior is spacious enough for a hype wedding reception with up to 325 of your closest friends and family. 

The building used to be a printing press in the 1920s and is transformed to be a modern getaway while retaining its rich history.

40. OHEKA Castle

One of the most elegant places to get married and one an hour out of New York City is this Italian Castle that is beautifully preserved. The gardens are a stunning backdrop for your wedding as is the grand ballroom. 


41. Battery Park

Battery Park is soon becoming one of the more popular destinations for wedding and portrait photos. The beautiful Statue of Liberty views, the boats and jet skis in the background and stunning gardens are all great for photography. 

42. Cruise around NYC

One of the best way to take photos in NYC is to jump on a ferry or a cruise. The most popular skyline from the ferry is the midtown skyline from 34th street to Gantry park or going to Dumbo. This makes for unique photos. 


43. Financial District

The Financial district is full of great cobbled stoned streets and historic buildings like the Bull and Stock Exchange. It has stunning East River views and views of the best three bridges in New York City! 


44. Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers

This is easily one of the largest venues in NYC that can hold a full house Indian wedding! The river side views are great with NJ in the background as well as stunning interiors in the venue. 

45. Little Island

New York City’s newest floating park just opened in the Hudson River, and it’s called Little Island. This floating park feels like a whole other planet and is home to some beautiful plants, scenery, and good food too! This area can get a little crowded, so if you decide to stop by for your wedding photos, make sure to come early in the morning for the best photos.

46. Brooklyn Winery

This old historic location is great for the urban couple with a  twist.The barn style architecture has a rustic classy vibe. 

 47. The Pierre Hotel

If you picture old Hollywood glamour for your wedding, look no further than the Pierre Hotel. The Pierre Hotel is located right off of 5th Ave, right by Central Park, and is the pinnacle of elegance and luxury. 

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have graced these halls, including Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor. Weddings at The Pierre are the epitome of sophistication and always have a special allure.

48. Williamburg

Williamsburg is great for hipster lovers that like a nice urban vibe. The best clothing stores and vintage shops are in this area. The graffiti walls and street life makes for great street photography style portraits. 


49. New York Public Library

Right behind Bryant Park is the New York Public Library. This location has incredible architecture and scenery, making it the perfect backdrop for elegant NYC wedding photos. It’s just stepping away from Bryant Park, so you can easily capture both romantic park wedding photos and upscale portraits in front of the facade.

50. Marriage Bureau at City Hall

Last but certainly not least is the Marriage Bureau at City Hall. Now more than ever, micro weddings and elopements are gaining more and more popularity. 

Thankfully, New York City Hall has gorgeous architecture and scenery, making it the perfect backdrop for wedding photography. You can also walk just a few blocks to one of three parks surrounding the area for more romantic wedding photos outdoors.

New York City has so many great locations for wedding and engagement photos. It can be rewarding but also over whelming to choose from such a long list of great locations for your portrait session or couple photos. We can help you choose the best places to take photos in NYC based on what you enjoy and your personalities. If you are colorful and full of energy we love Times Square or Top of the Rock. For something more romantic, Central Park or Botanic Garden. Dumbo or Brooklyn Bridge is more popular for people from our of town to show a historic landmark. Email us for more customized suggestions. 

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